Sips is one of the main trio of the Fool's Gold videos by Dingo Doodles. Sips is an awakened monkey with a crocodile hand curse given to him by Quinn-Ora. For all of the episodes until Episode 15, "Revealing Secrets" he believed that his crocodile hand gave him magic. In Episode 15, it is revealed that Sips had a Foreclaimer Power Crystal in his head. Statistically, he is a Wild Magic Sorcerer.


Sips was originally just a normal monkey, taken from his home and sold to Hodge. Quinn-Ora came to Hodge, and told she wanted to buy Sips, but only his hands and feet. Hodge knocked out Sips, cut off his hand, then Sips woke up, attacked Hodge, then ran. He eventually found Quinn-Ora, and she attached a crocodile hand to his arm. He was then Awakened, and he ran from Quinn-Ora's shack. He presumably met Sneeze while he ran. Sips became a merchant, then joined up with Gothi, Erina, Julian, and Gurthan. Sips became friends with Gothi, as she helped Sneeze when Bouclaire forced the Heart-Stopper poison into Sneeze. He seems to be indifferent to Julian and Erina, it is unknown his opinion on Gurthan.
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